Ph.D./Ed.D. and M.S. Benchmarks - Forms Overview

Please see Information about Program of Study-Related Form Changes and review this page, including the embedded video, to learn more about the forms listed below, including how to access and submit these forms in the UNLV Graduate College Gateway system.

    Stage 1: Coursework

    NOTE: While "coursework" is the first step in the degree program, completing and submitting Stage 1 Forms should actually be done when you are close to completing your coursework.

    Stage 2: Advisory Committee Formation

    • Please review pp. 4-7 of the CSIEME Program Ph.D. Handbook
    • Forms: Appointment of Advisory Committee form, and, if necessary, Change of Advisory Committee form

    Stage 3: Qualifying-Comprehensive Examination (For Ph.D./Ed.D. only, not M.S.)

    Stage 4: Dissertation Proposal OR Thesis Prospectus

    NOTE: The Dissertation Proposal is completed in tandem with IRB Approval, see information on CITI Course Training (pp. 17-19) and on IRB Cayuse Account Registration (pp. 16-17) in the CSIEME Program Ph.D. Handbook; see also additional information about conducting Human Subjects Research here.

    • Please review pp. 11-21 of the CSIEME Program Ph.D. Handbook
    • Form: Advancement to Doctoral Candidacy form (with proposal abstract attached)
    • Form: Master’s Prospectus Approval form (with prospectus abstract attached)

    Stage 5: Dissertation OR Thesis


    Guidelines for Preparing and Approving Dissertations (including deadlines)

    Graduation Timeline (including deadlines)